Do You Know Your Worth?

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Do You Know Your Worth?

Today I will be talking about, do you know your worth? Before I get started, I always like to talk a little sports and I’m so excited. It’s one of my favorite times of the year it’s college football season. I’m really excited. My Noles (Seminoles) are going to do some damage this year. Go, Noles. Nole blooded. We are going to take on Boise state, and I know this is our year. We’re going to do way better than we did last year, and I’m really excited.

As I said earlier, the title of my message today is do you know your worth? When you know your worth and value, you start to live your life differently because you realize that time is of the essence. And when I, realized my worth and value, I stopped going to the regular barbershop and I started to go into the appointment-only barber.

For those of you saying, oh, I’m bougie. No, I’m not bougie, honey, I’m blessed, but, I just realized that the time it took for me to drive to the barbershop and wait and wait for me to get a haircut and then finally get a haircut and then drive back home. During that period of time, I could have accomplished so many other tasks. So, I said, me just going to an appointment-only barber, it works way better for me because I know when I’m going to get in, and I also know what I’m going to get out. And because of that, it helps me fix my day on a better level. So, it works off better for me.

In Ephesians chapter five, verse 15 through 17, it says, “so be very careful how you live, do not live like those who are not wise, but live wisely, use every chance you have for doing good, because these are evil times. So do not be foolish, but learn what the Lord wants you to do.” When you realize your worth and value, you stop hanging around certain people because in life, people are either assets or the liabilities, and I realized that some people I was in relationships with, they were liabilities to my character. They were telling me wrong and harmful things.

They were just negative people, and because of that, I realized I can’t have that in my life. If I want God to do great things in my life. So, in the words of K Camp, “It ain’t nothing cut that off.” I had to cut them off. I had to let her go, but I have no ill will in my heart towards this person., but I just realized what I want God to do in my life. Like I can’t, have negativity in my life. I need positive people who will pray for me and always be there for me in times of trouble. And I don’t need you speaking negative things about me, because you could tell a lot about a person based off their inner circle or where they’re going in life or what they want to accomplish.

And I realized that a lot of people, they do not know their worth and value because they’ve been with on the same minimum wage job for five years plus. They barely having enough money to pay their bills or take a vacation. When the company they’re working does not have any plans of increasing this individual’s pay. They don’t have any plans, of maybe bringing this person to a bigger role in the company. When God has blessed, this person was so much talents and capabilities, but because they don’t have any worth because they don’t know their vision in life, they’re going to stay there. And they’re not going to walk into the blessings that God has in store for them.

Or you could see in relationships, you can see if someone knows their worth their value by based on the person, they’re in a relationship with and the manner in which they let their spouse talk to them. I know of a girl, and when I say she find like a ticket. She is fine, fine, fine. She’s so fine. I wish she was mine. I’m just playing naw. I’m good, but she’s a really, really pretty girl. And just everyone that would come across her and say, this girl is so beautiful. It’s to the point where this girl is so beautiful. Like if you have a conversation with her, she’ll 95% of the time, she’ll assume that you’re trying to flirt with her when sometimes you’re just trying to have a conversation with her. And this girl, she was in a relationship with a guy and they were dating for a little while. And she said, like, I think I want to make this official. I want to get married. And the guy was like, I’m not ready to get married to you. Talking about I’m too busy, cheating on you. I’m too busy having a good time. And on top of this, the gentleman was in a relationship with, he used to physically abuse her, and he also used to verbally abuse her. So, you ask yourself, why would a girl who’s fine as a ticket, stay in relationship with someone who verbally and physically abuses her. And she says she wants to get married, and he said that he don’t want anything to do with that. Simple, because she does not know her worth. In society today that’s a really big issue.

So many people just put worth on the physical beauty, that internal beauty and mental beauty as something that is really not admired. And it should be because it comes a time where all the beauty and stuff it will fade away, but like, what are you going to do when problems and stuff occur in life? And what are your problem-solving skills? How are you going to get to point A to point B if something is wrong, like you have to be able to think, and a lot of people, they can’t critically think. And that’s why, honestly, when I look for a spouse, one of the biggest tasks I look for as someone who knows their self-worth and value. And because that’s really important to me, because I know God is going to do great things in my life. I know he’s going to take me to places I can’t even dream about, and some of you might say right now, oh, you’re all cocky. You’re arrogant. No. In the words of Andy Mineo, he says “some say I’m cocky, but I just know that God’s got me.” And I know God’s got my back like chiropractic, and if I do the right things, he’s going to bless me. He’s going to open doors and opportunities that they will be afforded to me, and one of the biggest influences in my life will be my spouse. If I get into a relationship with someone who does not know their worth and value, it will devalue my worth and value, and I’ll lose sight of my vision. I’ll lose sight of my goals. I’ll forget the purpose, and the dreams that God put in my life. And that’s why I just it’s so important that to be with somebody who pushes you to be great.

And Proverbs 31 is one of the ideal chapters in the Bible for a godly man, looking for a godly woman. And in Proverbs chapter 31 verses 10 through 12, it says “a wife of noble character who can find she’s worth

far more than rubies. Her husband has full confidence in her, and it lacks nothing of value. She brings him good, not harm all the days of her life.” When I read this scripture, I think of the scene for the incredible, where’s my super suit? For those of you don’t know, that’s one of the most famous movie lines of all time. I’ll tell you a little bit of the story. If you guys haven’t seen the movie. Frozone is one of the Mr. Incredible’s best friends, and he lives in a high rise downtown. And he realized that, oh, someone was trying to take over the world, and he was in his living room. And he was he’s about to go to dinner with his wife, him and his wife were planning a dinner for two months. They had reservations to the restaurant and stuff, and she was really excited. So as soon as it happened and he saw what was happening, he was a superhero. His superhero instinct came out. He was going to try and go save the people. So, he went to go look for his suit and his wife hid his suit. So, he famously said. He said, “where’s my super suit?” And she was like, “why you need to know?” And he said, “the public is in danger,” and then she said, “my evening is a danger.” And then they go back and forth and Frozone says it’s for the greater good of the public, and then she says, I am your wife. I’m the greatest good you are ever going to get. And I just said, that to say that a godly spouse is one of the greatest goods that you ever get in life because they push you. They will challenge you, and they’ll help you to strive for greatness and increase your worth, like no other person in your life. And I know a lot of you listening to this video right now, you do not know yourself worth and value because just because of the person you’re in a relationship with, for all you politically correct junkies, I am not advocating to anyone go out and get a divorce, but there are some problems that we decided to walk into ourselves.

And because of that, we got to deal with issues, but it’s okay if you happen to be in that situation, prayer changes things. But also don’t ignore the fact that there are some problems and issues that could be avoided if we listened to the guidance. And if we listened to the guidance of other people that God has placed in our lives, that’s why it’s so important that we always, we don’t feel like we, we made it. You

always have to be able to accept correction. You always have to be able to listen to other people, listen to godly counsel that God has placed in our lives. And I love reading. Reading, honestly, it’s one of my favorite hobbies. Every day, I make a habit to try and read for an hour recently. One of the books that I read; it talks about an Eagle that was raised in a chicken farm. The eagle always had problems fitting in socially, and when it was time to eat, the eagles even had time with that. And one day the eagle looked up and saw another eagle flying over the chicken farm. And he’s like, wow, like that’s an eagle, and it is fine, like, let me see if I can do the same. So, it spread its wings and it started flying, and I said that story to tell you that a lot of you guys watching this video right here under the sound of my voice, you’re, in the same position as that eagle stuck on the chicken farm. God has blessed you with so much capabilities and potential and vision, but you’re hanging around chickens, and because you’re hanging around chickens, you don’t know your worth. You don’t know where you’re going. So, you’re going to, stay stuck in there unless you fly away like the eagle did when he realized his capability to say, God has called me and it’s so much better. So, let me spread my wings and fly so I can do all the great things that he’s caused me to do in life, and it’s really cool.

Another thing is, if you’re like me, I love going places with my friends, like, I always like to drive myself just so I could leave when I want. Because I usually like to go to sleep a little, a little early. I’m an early bird. I’m not a night owl. So, a lot of times when we, when we go out, we go do fun things they will give me the app, they’ll give me the address to where we’re going. Like recently when we went ax throwing, and when we went ax throwing my friends, they sent me the address to the ax throwing place. I never went to the place, but I wasn’t nervous or anything because I had to address. One of the best things about GPS is that it shows you where you’re going and lets you know that your estimated arrival time, and it lets you know if you’re going to hit any traffic. And it lets you know, what side, the place that you’re going to, what side it’s on, but how many of us ever gone somewhere before? And all of a sudden, your GPS didn’t work it glitched, or someone sent you

the wrong address. So, you’re lost, or you hit a detour, and the GPS just stops working. Like a lot of times that’s life. A lot of times that’s like we think, oh, we’re right here for the job promotion. We’re right here for finally getting a spouse. We’re right here for finally getting a car, but a detour happens. And because of that, sometimes we get lost, and we start to worry, but when you know your worth, like, you don’t let little small things like happen. Like you don’t let it affect you because in an Isaiah chapter, 54 verse 17, it says “no weapon formed against you.” This is God just promising us right here that like tough times are going to come across. Tough things are going to come across, but like Maya Angelou said, she said, “still I rise as life comes at me from all angles and sides.” You have to rise above your problems and know that God is taking you through it for a reason, and when you know your worth, you don’t get worried cause you know, everything is temporary. When, I played football we always use to tell my teammates, man pain is temporary. So, if you could just get through it, you’re going to walk into the blessing that God has in store for you. And how my dad famously says, he says, “if you don’t quit, you win.” And that really is the truth because a lot of times people quit before God is about to finally bless them with the thing they’ve been praying and believing for, for so long.

So, I just encourage you guys be strong, just be courageous, do not be afraid for the Lord your God is with you everywhere you go, and that’s Joshua chapter one and nine. And one of the worst mistakes that we can make in life is confusing a temporary person with a permanent person, simply because like, that’s time that we can never get back. Like, let me tell you something. If people who have extreme wealth, one thing they value the most besides their money, is their time, and it’s to the point where like, if they get invitations to go speak at a foundation or a charity, many times people have extreme wealth they’d rather simply send a monetary gift than having to physically because it’s, worth more than them than having the time it takes to physically prepare for the speech, the travel arrangements, this and that because they realize that that time they have to do all of that. They could explore other business ventures to further increase their money or they can help develop their own business. So that more money ultimately comes into your hand. And like this is scriptural about time. It’s in James chapter 4, verse 14, it says “your life is like the morning fog. It’s here a little while, then it’s gone. She’ll cherish her time and be responsible with it.”

As I close, I’m going to ask you one more time. Do you know your worth, and if so, start to live your life and the manner and which you do each and every day? I know some of you guys are asking, oh, Jonathan, I hear you talking about this and that, and I don’t really know about God, but I want to walk with him. I’m going to give you the opportunity right now because I want to let you guys know that hell is real man.

People are, unfortunately, people are dying every day. People are dying. Mass shootings are happening at Walmart where people are trying to just get some milk from the store. Mass shootings are happening at school. People are dying each and every day, just driving home from work, and you never know when your time’s going to be called, but when your time is called, you want to know that you have eternal life with Jesus in heaven. So, repeat after me, Lord Jesus, come into my heart. I repent of my sins and I accept you as my Lord and savior. If you made that prayer, you are now a part of the family of Christ.